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Pay Using Bitcoin for Discount & Free Delivery 

By choosing to pay with Bitcoin, you can qualify for some enticing benefits. 

The following offers apply:

  • Orders under £99 will enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Orders over £99 will receive an even greater discount of 20%.
  • Regardless of the order value, all Bitcoin payments automatically qualify for free delivery.

By using Bitcoin, you can take advantage of extra savings on products which are already more affordable than high street pharmacies.

What are the Benefits of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin offers numerous benefits that set it apart from traditional forms of payment. Firstly, it provides a certain level of privacy and confidentiality due to its decentralized nature, allowing users to conduct transactions without revealing personal information. Secondly, Bitcoin transactions are accompanied by advanced cryptographic security measures, making them highly secure. Lastly, Bitcoin transactions are often faster and more instantaneous compared to traditional banking methods.

How to Make Payments Using Bitcoin

Making payments using Bitcoin is simple. It is just like setting up an online bank account but on a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase. To begin, register and verify your account, providing identification such as a valid passport. Once your account is set up, you can easily send and receive Bitcoin. Transactions can be initiated by entering the recipients Bitcoin address and the amount to be transferred. Payment processing is fast and almost instantaneous.

Tutorials: Helpful YouTube Videos for Setting Up a Coinbase Account

Tutorials can make things much easier. Here are some useful video tutorials that can help you set up an account on Coinbase:

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Checked Date: 03 Aug 2022
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